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tv   Today  NBC  May 4, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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l television ♪ hey. >> hey! >> i'm going to need this. i'll explain later. >> yes, you are. >> hey, everybody. >> hoda woman, you ready? >> i think so. hold on. >> thank you, jess. see you later. >> matt, thank you for the ride. >> okay. hey! >> hoda, guess what?
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it's thirst day thursday. it is may 3rd. welcome to a very special edition of our show we're calling "needles, knives or nothing." >> this really looks likes we shall be serving food at the school cafeteria. everyone who wants extra mashed potatoes, please line up. this is going to be a terrific show. here's the deal. we've been talking about different cosmetic procedures. i think a lot of people have heard of botox and different types of procedures but they've never actually seen them happen, figure out how much they cost in case they wanted them. we're going to go through it. >> there's huge curiosity factor and we're going to be human guinea pigs today. we're going to do five different procedures. >> live. >> one probing question -- >> yes, please? >> do you think those earrings actually help the way you look? >> yes. >> that kills me! >> ever since i was yoda on halloween and i had the wisps of hair and the ugly green and i kept applying lipstick? >> it is kind of the same thing? we're going to be going
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through those procedures -- >> especially one you guys are going to be dying no know about because we teased it before. cellulase, you know when you cellulite in your legs or butt or wherever? >> no. >> you've been trying to get rid of it. it is really difficult even if you work out a lot, diet. you can't get rid of it. a new procedure dr. nancy actually said on the air was very safe. she thought. >> with excellent results as well. >> there is actually going to be somebody doing this procedure. if you guys know what a mattress looks like with those buttons in it, it actually cuts through the buttons and separates the skin so there's no puckering! it's unbelievable. they're doing it close by. >> close by. we're going to be going there. i think they're going to start it pretty soon. but of all days for our dear friend to be visiting us, the one person on the planet who does not need one thing done to him picks today to visit us. one and only, eduardo is here to
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say hello. >> he's like the latino brad pitt. he's very hot and we're humiliated. >> to me, brad pitt is -- edward's going to come back in june. he has a magnificent new movie out called "for greater glory." we'll see you later. >> don't look at us. we look ugly. we got to go to dr. bruce katz. >> he's in his new york office. he's about to perform cellulase on his patient collette. hi, dr. katz. how are you? >> good, how are you ladies? i'm here with colette. we're ready to start. >> so tell us what you're going to be doing to colette. >> well, we're using a cellulase device. >> excuse me. hello colette. >> she's not wearing spanx. >> you have these raised and depressed areas. what we're doing is we're going
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to lower those raised areas by taking away the fat and then we're going to cut those collagen bands that actually pull down on the skin and allow them to be released and then the third thing we're going to do is stimulate collagen and tighten skin. >> how quickly will colette see some results? >> usually within a few weeks. some people have a little bruising and swelling for a while. but it appears in a few weeks and keeps getting better. >> is it pricey? >> well, depends on how many areas. a lot of people have a lot of different areas. i'm just going to start here. you might want to turn away. >> no, i want to see every bit of it. >> i want to hear colette. >> do it, dr. katz. >> don't look. don't look. la, la, la. colette, can you hear us? >> colette, are you -- >> yeah. >> you've had a mild anesthetic on the area? >> yes. >> feeling anything yet? a little pressure? >> tiny, tiny bit of pressure
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but not much at all. >> doesn't feel painful? okay. >> i feel pretty numb. >> that's the key. >> she's very numb. >> i've got some numbing gel on my forehead right now, too, for the procedure that i'm going to have. so that really helps. >> here what we're going to do. we're going to continue to check in and watch you. this takes about 45 minutes. that's unbelievable it is happening right now. i got a little bit of chills. >> piping all over the world even as we speak. cosmetic surgery, these kinds of procedures that don't require the knife are a huge, huge business. >> i think a lot of people have tried to get rid of cellulite. it doesn't go away, it's genetic. it is a weird day to bring this up. but we have to tell you about a show we saw yesterday. nice work if you can get it. brilliant cast. brilliant cast. go and enjoy. it is an absolute delight. >> so here we go.
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there are a lot of different procedures that are out there. your boob job is the number one. get rid of that. you don't need it anymore. it is the number one procedure that's out there. i think a lot of women are doing that because, you know -- and boob reductions are becoming another one people are doing. we'll talk to tamara barney of "the real housewives of oc." >> 20 years ago had them augmented and recently took out her sacks. >> we haven't revealed yet what things we are going to do but i think it is high time we did. >> sure. what am i going to have? >> you're going to do something with your forehead. >> with dr. pat wexler. i'm going to have an eyebrow transplant. >> no, you're not! >> just kidding. i'm going to have a little lift. >> what does that mean? >> we'll get to that. you're going to have the bushy hair on your arms removed. >> stop talking about how bushy it is. tell me your name. >> jennifer. >> jennifer's going to be doing this. you have to shave my arms first. >> i don't have to. she's going to do that. dr. wexler is going to take off my numbing cream.
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not the first time you've done this. >> no. not the last either. i assume. >> how you doing, hoda? >> i feel fine. >> it's just shaving. >> who shaves their arms? >> lots of people. >> no one i know. stubble, this is not going to be good. >> what have you been doing before all this? >> leaving it alone. >> really? >> oh, my god. that is hairy. i want you to look. >> there is this new thing called an eyebrow transplant for those who have overplucked or missing eyebrow hair. you can have that kind of arm hair put in your eye so save some of that for me, please. dr. wexler will do my eyebrow transplant. >> you're going to get half of your head during this show. i don't think we have time to do the whole. >> not my whole entire head. it is my forehead. >> i'm going to get one arm done and hopefully the other. you're going to burn the hair right off the arms. >> we're going to laser it for
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you, absolutely. >> it is extremely painful, hoda, so just preparing you. >> i'm scared of the shaving. i don't know why. >> we are going to take a commercial break so we can continue to get prepped. we are going to do not only our two procedures, we're going to have two other procedures. >> getting something different done at the same time. this is so much fun! >> i'm scared. >> from botox to vein removal and so much more. later in the show we'll talk to three men who are very open about the procedures they've had done. >> my arm is getting shaved. i'm distracted. so what! anyway, we'll be right back. [ wind blowing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] when is it okay to lose the cover-up? when you can. take the special k challenge... and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. ♪ my, my, my, my a cover-up free summer begins with special k. ♪
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now. he's working on colette there. we're going to check in on them in a little bit. now we're got four more procedures to show you including botox, spider vein removal and eyebrow lift and laser hair removal. >> two of those procedures are going to be on us. first let's say hello to dermatologist dr. susan taylor about to perform a vain removal procedure on kelly. >> hi, kelly. >> these are the little red veins. >> these are the little red squiggly veins that overtake our legs as we mature. >> i can barely see them. >> but they will progress. that's the reason we do this. >> you're going to nip it in the bud. >> we are. >> and they won't come back? >> new ones can develop over time. but these will go away. >> are you a little bit nervous? i'm going to use a vibrator on your back. >> no. >> we're just cleaning the skin. you see these little red squiggly vessels? what i'm doing is i'm inserting
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the needle right into the vessel. >> how does that feel? >> i don't even feel it. >> look. it disappeared! >> is that amazing? >> lovely. >> now what happens is this material irritates the blood vessel and it ultimately makes the vessel go away. >> just by irritating it? >> yes. >> does that work with people? i wish. >> so what we are going to do, we did this cluster. now you will see it after a few minutes but over the next week or two it's going to go away permanently. >> dr. taylor's going to continue working on colette. next we're going over to miss jeannine downey, an m.d. at montclair, she's a new jersey dermatologist. with her is jodi. jodi is getting botox done. jodi doesn't look like she needs it. tell us about this. when should you get botox, by the way? >> as soon as you start seeing the first signs of sun damage, just bring it on.
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if you don't crease the envelope you'll never get the wrinkle. >> but young guys are getting it like in their 20s. >> i'm an ex-life guard. i started at 29. early 20s is probably too soon. jodi is 48. >> you look amazing, sweetie. >> thank you. >> she can't raise because she's already botox. we're going to just do a little bit right here. she had a little numbing. basically it is a liquid that just blocks the impulses so you can't contract the muscle anymore. if you don't crease the energy then your most prized accessory which is your face stays looking beautiful your whole life. >> it is important you don't do too much or you don't have any movement. >> you don't want to look astonished. >> how much is botox? >> it varies from place to place. doing the crow's feet is roughly $300, $400. it can be 1,000. it lasts three to four months. i just believe in it.
2:19 am
i believe in bow texas -- botox. >> because i've been getting it since i was 40 years old. hello! then there's my pal. >> i'm a little nervous. what is going to happen, dr. wexler? >> all therapy is actually an fda approved process which lifts and tightens the skin. here we're going to do the eyebrows. this is dr. francesca fosco, she specializes in this. >> what is this? >> some people don't want to do botox or they want something adjunctive to botox. here gel is being applied and this is doing what a facelift would do or brow lift, it is delivering deep heat to the tissue where you would be cutting the muscle and tying it. >> how does it feel? >> she's just putting gel on so
2:20 am
far. >> when does the pain start? >> the pain starts when you give her the consultation. >> once you get the bill. >> do it. >> you have to understand this delivers different levels of heat. >> how's that? >> it's weird. >> the first level of heat, this is giving you the ability to see where it is going, the energy, you are getting a visualization are where are you delivering your lift. >> it's uncomfortable but it is not painful. that one hurt. >> over several months you see stimulation of collagen. >> here we go. >> ow. >> it's done. >> done! >> you look younger! >> you have to realize that for
2:21 am
several months she's stimulating her own collagen and you're going to see a progressive lift and tightening of the brow. >> thank you, ladies. we're going to get my other side fixed, i hope. >> we're going to leave you like this to show the difference. >> this is the wonderful cindy. she's here to talk laser hair removal. >> everybody, put your glasses on or please run out of the room. tell us what's going to happen. >> this is the hand that she's getting done because this is the one that was shaved earlier. what we're going to be doing -- >> i can ask you a question? where's the numbing cream? >> you don't need it. >> you're an egyptian. you can handle it. >> we set the settings for your skin and hair type. through pulsations and lights we kill the follicles from underneath the skin.
2:22 am
>> is that smoke? >> no. >> actually, that's not smoke. that's actually a freezer. it actually makes it cold. >> does it hurt, hoda? >> no, it feels like a cold blast of air. >> with this new laser that we have, what we do is we put that on and you don't feel it as much. >> you need the vibrator? >> no. keep going. >> what do you mean in two weeks you have to do it again? >> no, in two weeks it falls out. you come back every four to six weeks. >> i don't really have any there. i think it's all -- yeah. >> but it's great. you can do it anywhere on your face or body. >> you're doing great, hoda. >> i am? >> yeah. it's not every follicle you need to hit. it is just the general area. >> no, she's hitting every follicle. if you look at the format. you kill the follicles from underneath, they fall out. when it goes back to the growth stage, that's when she comes back in. you need a minimum of six
2:23 am
treatments. >> is it over? how does it look? >> not so good. >> okay. cindy, you rock! >> thank you. wow, this is exciting! up next the doctor's in the house and she's answering your biggest questions about cosmetic procedures right after this. >> where's the wine? we need wine. my contacts are . they're itchy, dry and uncomfortable. i can't wait to take 'em out, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? get the contacts you've got to see to believe. acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses with hydraclear® plus technology, keeping your eyes exceptionally comfortable all day long. it feels like it disappeared on my eye. [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. if you have astigmatism, there's an acuvue® oasys lens for that too, realigning naturally with every blink. ask your doctor for acuvue® oasys brand.
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what would stop me from getting work zmoen probably the image. if i got my calves done i would want people to think i was really able to do that on my own. >> we are back with a special age defying edition of "today." if you're considering any procedure, you probably have questions on your mind. we asked to go to our facebook page and let us know whayou wanted to know. >> then we called in the experts, dr. sharon geezy, a board certified plastic surgeon right here on park avenue in new york city. nice to see you. >> you too. >> start with stephanie. she wants to know -- this is what a lot of women have. what are the best options for a disappearing jaw and saggy neck.
2:28 am
that's one of those that you want to get rid of. >> the jowl and saggy neck i think is the biggest give-away of any woman's age and it is the first thing that's going to bring anyone into a plastic surgeon's office for a facelift. >> even before your eyes go? >> even before your eyes go. if you start having that jowl -- >> you need a full facelift for that? >> no. you take it out. there's about a little teaspoon of fat that's in the jowl area. you see the patient on the screen there and the saggy neck skin. take out a couple of teaspoons of fat from the neck. i use an internal ultrasound device that's hot so it stimulates collagen. the take the fat out and the skin just shrinks up and no cutting. >> what does that procedure cost and how long does it take? >> it costs $5,000 and takes 45 minutes. the fat's removed permanently. it is the ultimate cheat. it puts off the time when someone needs to get a facelift the first time. now you can wait a little while. >> marie has a question. is there a limit to how many
2:29 am
liposuction procedures one might have in a lifetime? how many can we have? >> in other words, i've got so much money, how long is it going to last me? >> or so much fat. i'd say it depends but overall, yes, because liposuction's really the gold standard for removing fat permanently. if you take out what you need to take out once, you're done. what happens -- why some people say i've had liposuction then some fat grew somewhere else. it really just wasn't taken out right the first time. this girl is a nice, slim girl but if i took a little bit of fat from her belly, her love handles, her inner thighs. outer thighs. now if she loses weight it is going to be in the after pattern. she's never going to go back to how she was before. >> you said if you take fat from your stomach, people say you end up getting it elsewhere. you're saying that does not happen. >> if you take it all the first time. say that you had fat on your belly and your arms and you only took out your belly fat then you gained 20 pounds?
2:30 am
it's going right to the arm. that will bring it back. that will bring it back. you want to get it done right the first time because it's all out permanently in one shot. >> can you have liposuction anywhere and everywhere. >> yeah. this is very exciting. this year there are two new devices on the market that melt a layer of fat through the skin. you don't have to have any surgery. it is like a little hot stone rubbing massage. one is a little bit painful and one really feel like a hot stone. >> thank you, doctor. we're going back across the street to check in with our cellulase patient. just disappe? ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ]
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call or log onto right now! we're back on this thirst day thursday with more of our special edition of "today," needles, knives or nothing, our guide to getting work done as we dedicate the hour to all kind of cosmetic procedures for women or men.
2:33 am
we're halfway done. earlier we showed you dr. bruce katz performing a cellulite treatment called cellulase. tell us how is it going, dr. katz? >> we're doing really well. colette is doing well. she's just relaxing, i think taking a nap actually. >> we can't hear him. we're having a little technical difficulty but it looks like it is going fine. colette can't speak to us because she's turned over. he's working on the other part of her anatomy. >> dr. katz, can you hear us now? >> i can hear you. can you hear me? >> yeah. we can hear you now, too. are you about half done? >> more than half done actually. we're sort of in a final stretch. it will be another ten minutes or so, but it is going beautifully. >> for people watching when you get this treatment done is your cellulite gone forever? >> well, we've been doing this for over two years now around
2:34 am
the cellulite hasn't come back. so we're hoping that it is a long-term result but we can only say for two years so far. >> okay. we should also point out that these procedures, although they are done widely, they're done everywhere, you really have to check with your doctor what something's going to cost. there are always additional costs as well and risks. it can vary like crazy all over the country. >> we're going to come back and check with you in a little bit. a lot of you would argue that celebrities drive a lot of people to seek perfection by way of cosmetic surgery. >> with us tamara barney, vivian diller, the author of "face it," and ian drew, senior editor of "us" magazine. hello, everybody. >> tamara, you've been very vocal about plastic surgery. you've had your breasts reduced. you don't hide any of that. >> no, i don't. i just feel like why not be open about it? i live my life openly on a reality show but i've always been one that blurts it out there. >> a lot of celebrities just say
2:35 am
i have good genes, i do yoga. >> i just want to throw my wine at them. i love that, i just drink a lot of water. >> you decided to get a breast reduction. why was that? >> it was a long time coming. i had them done when i was early 20s. i had them reduced on the show about four years ago. and i kind of took baby steps. i knew i kind of wanted to get rid of them but i don't think i have the self esteem. my self esteem was low back then, going through a divorce, going through a lot, if i lose my fun bags what's going to happen -- >> my fun bags! >> so i think this wonderful thing about being 40. you're a little bit more secure with who you are. i don't know if it is just being in your 40s or losing your eyesight or whatever it is but i just felt better about myself when i removed them. >> what is this tremendous fear of what's ultimately going to happen to all of us anyway if you're blessed, you're going to live to be a big old age. >> i'm really glad you're bringing up the psychological component of all the physical changes.
2:36 am
it's much more complicated than you think. the patients i have who are in the public eye, they know they're going to be under scrutiny but what they don't know is how complicated their reactions are going to be and the people watching them. this is a very polarizing issue. there are people who take sides. you either are supposed to be true to yourself an age naturally or do whatever you possibly can to avoid this aging illness. really aging has become in some ways a defect and we have to really shift the way we think about it because otherwise people are going to be panicked about the aging. even at age 20. >> it's psychological. it is about self-esteem. sometimes if your self-esteem is what needs fixing should the plastic surgeon be the doctor you are seeing. >> good plastic surgeons really ask those important questions. >> let's talk celebs. they're kind of driving this bus, right? >> all of them are driving it in some way. they either have an opinion or they're getting it done. >> when ashley judd -- we showed her a couple of weeks ago. everyone was she got something done, she was outraged that
2:37 am
people said those things. >> this set off a whole debate. she said i had nothing done, it was a reaction to surgery she had for sinus -- steroids and her face puffed out. but she said woman should not be judged this way, it is ridiculous. everyone is pointing fingers and dissecting what someone has done. >> that's how it's always been and it will never change. >> like for heidi mon tag. she's gotten a lot done. >> ten procedures in one day which everybody agreed was way too much. difference is she now says she regrets that. >> she wouldn't do it again but yet she's stuck now. these are things that are irreversible. there is a difference between doing something like liposuction where you can grow it back a little if you need to. something like a nose job, some of these procedures she had done that were so extreme are irreversible. >> we used to just have the question does she or doesn't she. i don't remember if you remember that. it was just about hair color. there are so many options now people are really confused. i think what celebrities are
2:38 am
confronting is the confusion an entire generation of women are feeling. >> people don't love themselves first in the right way, healthy way. thanks so much. >> thanks for coming to see us. up next, the guys get their turn. find out what they're nipping and tucking right after this. >> men are doing a lot. >> more than they say. septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes each year. regular tank maintenance can help avoid backups, disgusting messes, and countless hours of repair. rid-x septipacs are easy-to-use, dissolvable pouches with enzymes that immediately break down waste, and time-release bacteria that work continuously to reduce tank buildup. use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. rid-x. number 1 in septic maintenance. join the rid-x septic subscriber program, and never forget to maintain your system.
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i think men and plastic surgery is a little weird. they end up looking like ken dolls a little bit. it is kind of awkward. i'm not really a fan of that so much. >> oh, really? >> well we're back with a special age defying edition of "today," tucks, lifts and nips. we've been talking cosmetic surgery for ladies all day but what about the guys? >> men are the fastest growing demographic undergoing plastic surgery. here to discuss brotox, along with a few of his manly patients. joseph, frank and bruno.
2:43 am
hi, guys. welcome. >> what kind of procedures are men undergoing these days? >> a lot of procedures include chin implants, rhinoplasty, which is nose surgery, sometimes hair transplantation, there's a lot of new techniques, technologies. lasers. everyone, everyone, are doing non-surgical things to make you look good. >> look at joseph. joseph is adorable. when you look at joseph, our next guy in line, i wonder if you wonder what has joseph done. number two in line. joseph's 22 years old. you've had what done? >> i've had a rhinoplasty, a chin implant and restalin fillers in my cheeks. that was my before. >> that's a heck of a head of hair. >> that was all downstairs. they do great work. >> look at the difference. >> it makes a huge difference. >> has it done something to your self-esteem? >> of course. night and day.
2:44 am
it made a huge difference. definitely improved my business. my outlook every day has changed. really changed everything. >> this is why i think plastic surgery can be a good thing. if you're worried about yourself all day long, it affects you -- if you can just do it, get over it and forget about it, you look great. >> find a doctor that's going to give you natural results. >> speaking of natural, look at frank, 40-year-old over there. you had a couple of things done. tell us what you had done. >> i had my -- i used to snore like a freight train. >> which can mess with your love life. >> you're absolutely right. fixed that a little bit. i basically had the inside plumbing done. i had my uvula clipped, my sinuses, i figured while i was on the table, straighten it out a little bit. >> do the snoz. >> that's right. >> what was the reaction of friends, family, lovers. >> surprisingly, no one noticed but my sister. she's the only one that noticed up until -- i told people but it was just such a conservative job. i didn't want anything over the top.
2:45 am
i just wanted a little bit -- my profile fixed a little bit. >> good for you and the love life's good? >> yeah. things are good. single, by the way. >> bruno at the end is doing something that a lot of men really want to do that has to do with your hair. tell us what you did. >> i was losing it and being a macho italian i just couldn't do it. i don't have a face that, like bruce willis or yule brenner. >> i think it is a beautiful face. >> tell us what did you do? >> i heard about dr. paseer over and over again. i figured let me check him out. i did and went with him. >> was it actually implants? >> yeah. i guess they call it microsurgery. >> you put single hairs in? >> what's amazing is how do they put them in your head, grow the right way? i was panicking that in six months my hair would be all over like dr. no. you know? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. how expensive basically are the different procedures, doctor? >> they're not inexpensive. non-surgical ones that you guys just did are relatively
2:46 am
inexpensive but nose surgery and hair transplants depending on how much you're doing for hair transplant can be in the thousands. >> chins are huge now. >> i was just telling joe and other people that do chins, chin implants are very important in balancing out a male face. there's very few ceos that have a retrue save chin. >> chinless. >> some are soulless but that's another story. >> thank you so much. up next, forget the needles and the knives. we're going to show you what a little hair and makeup can do. >> we'll show you the afters right after this. good morning. a look at your forecast as we get this friday going and on into the weekend, as well. tracking more wet weather across parts of the midwest. chicago had a little rough day on thursday. more storms rolling through, as well as indianapolis and down across the ohio river, into the northeast it looks like we're going to have a soggy friday. so look for airport delays in
2:47 am
places like boston, as well as new york. but look at the temperatures. heating up to 80 for you here in central park. 85 degrees in atlanta. feeling the mugginess and there will be that chance for showers and thunderstorms into the weekend. it is kentucky derby day. it looks like we could see showers and storms early in the day. hopefully they get out in time for the run for the roses. wet weather through the carolinas, savannah, georgia and tracking some stormy skies in north and south dakota. a little snow mixed in the higher elevations of western montana. still blistering hot in the south, especially dallas. look at dallas at 93 degrees. 70 in new york. sunday looks better for those in the northeast and new england. but still looking unsettled with the showers and thunderstorms from roanoke, virginia, towards the panhandle of florida.
2:48 am
monday, wet from saginaw, michigan through louisville. your high of 85 degrees on monday, and that system still affecting us in the southeast, as well. we need the rain, especially southern georgia and northern florida. tuesday, we see the entire east coast fill one a chance for rain. 64 in new york. mid 70s around our nation's capital. and here we go into wednesday. still looking unsettled from the great lakes into the northeast, with boston's high up around 60 degrees. check your forecast, "wake up with al" on the weather channel 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. eastern time. [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois...
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i probably wouldn't bother to get plastic surgery because he loves me the way i am. >> nice. we are back with a special age defying edition of "today" called "needles, knives or nothing." in this case we're going with nothing and showing you how simple a change to your hair and makeup can make in your appearance.
2:51 am
>> to show you how to make a difference in a day, our contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari la-la-la-la-la and lead makeup artist at smashbox cosmetics. welcome. >> we're going to begin with a woman named jesse. i think we have a before picture of jesse. tell us what was wrong. what did she need fixed? >> jesse had dark hair. was starting to go gray but she kept making it darker and darker which made her hair look very harsh and she had bulk in her hair. >> she's got a great head of hair. >> beautiful. more hair than like four women. >> that's not fair! >> our whole goal was to really customize the haircut to take away the bulk and obviously make her look younger. >> people at home are seeing your after. the makeup is very important. you've got half of her face done. we should point out she has not yet seen herself and cannot see herself right now as we speak. what are you doing for the makeup?
2:52 am
>> makeupwise we just wanted to add contour to jesse's features. she has a great face, beautiful skin. we evened her out. contoured her cheeks, we added on to her brows. she tweezes but actually define them -- defining your brows is the easiest way to take off ten years. >> i think it is time for the reveal. >> hold up your mirror. pop it up. let's look. >> that's the after. >> oh, my god. i love it. oh, my god. thank you, everyone. >> it just took a lot of years off, didn't it? that's one of those things that does. >> too bad we can't do the other side. >> this great haircut. we made her hair softer, lighter. notice by adding a little lightness around her face it lifts her face. >> i absolutely love it. we're going to move on down to joan. ease on down the road. >> okay.
2:53 am
so hop on the other side of her. so tell us about joan's before picture and tell us what you thought the issues were. >> joan, very typical problem. she started to highlight her hair but then she overhighlighted her hair. so it had this yellow tinge to it almost. it really did not blend with her complexion. she also just let her hair go long and straight so she had these harsh lines on the side of her hair. >> what in the makeup department? >> makeup, one of joan's concerns was her eye area. i just kind of showed her how to contour a little bit more, how to add the lift that you want, how to really kind of soften the under eye area and of course just made her lips a lot fuller. told her that mascara and lash color are your best friend. >> are you dying to see yourself? >> i am dying. >> pop it up on the screen. >> wow! >> that looks awesome. >> what a difference.
2:54 am
>> and it moves. >> and difference in the color. >> you see what happens, sometimes when you overcolor your hair it does not look shiny. shiny, healthy hair is young hair. then again, customize the hair to give her lift, fullness, volume. years younger. >> you guys look beautiful! >> we have to go out tonight! >> nice job, miss fancy. up next, we head to the recovery room to see how our procedures are going. we're only half done. >> half baked. but first, this is a special edition of "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
if there's one good thing about surgery it is the recovery. there's no better way to relax than with some champaign and cold compresses. >> today we told you about some different procedures and before we check in with our patients, let's go across the street. remember dr. bruce katz performed the cellulase procedure with colette. how are you feeling post op? >> feeling all right. surprisingly feeling okay. >> is it completely done? she's finished and ready to go? >> we're all done. she can actually walk out of the room here on her own steam and go home, take it easy for a day or so, then go right back to work. >> what we're going to do, we're going to ask you to come back on monday and we'll look at the before and after.
2:58 am
>> maybe even 40 days later when they say everything's perfect. we'll check out thighs out. cheers. all the best. >> dr. taylor, how's your patient doing? >> she's doing great. you can see she's relaxing. in fact, if you look at her vessels, they've just about disappeared. a little bit red but just about disappeared. >> how much is that procedure? >> about $400 for three syringes. >> moving down the line, how's your lovely patient? >> she's doing great, relaxing, she's got her champagne in her hand. this much botox costs $300, $400 somewhere in there, but it can go up to 1,000. it depends on the expertise of the injector. >> what are you going to do with the rest of her though? she's a mess. >> isn't she gorgeous, kathie lee? >> yes, she's gorgeous! i'm not finished. i'm half cooked. i've got to get going here. but pat wexler -- i can already see the difference.
2:59 am
>> i'm lucky i have cindy here who's taking care of me. one of my arms is baby smooth and the other is like a gorilla. she's going to take -- what did you say? >> just a little planet of the apes. >> how much does this cost? >> this is about $400 per session. you can get a package of six. every four to six weeks. >> it's more than $1,000 -- >> but then you never have to wax again. >> what about mine? what does this cost? >> i think eyebrows are $1,200. >> if you have one done, it's $600. thank you very much. tomorrow actress la la anthony. what. we'll talk about mother-daughter relationships. can you too attached? >> and cinco de mayo. we're going to drink to that. see you tomorrow for try day friday.


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